Booking Hannah

I speak out about transgender issues in public and for private venues, including on camera for film and television networks. I am happy to discuss solo, or as part of a panel, topics such as:

  • My story coming out as a transgender woman
  • Transgender and transition issues in life and young adulthood
  • Transgender issues in education, health care, and mental health
  • The intersection of trans and Jewish (faith) identities
  • Transgender politics on local and national levels
  • Transgender and bisexual identities
  • My own experience with transgender-related surgery

Hannah Simpson appearing with Perez Hilton and Bonnie Fuller on Good Day New York in June, 20http://hannahsimpson.x10.bz5


And answer lots of questions—even intimate ones—with my unique insight and snark. Ask me the questions you might not feel comfortable asking other trans people in your life. It is ok, when I am coming out for that purpose.

Book me to come speak at your school, company, non-profit, or other event, it’s as simple as sending an email to

Here are some feedback from students at a recent speaking engagement in Brooklyn, NY (July 20http://hannahsimpson.x10.bz6):

“Immediately you’re met by a bright and witty personality…She was delightful, insightful, and confidently funny. Highly recommend watching and most importantly listening her her. What a wonderful speaker for the T in LGBT+ community.” -Student

“Hannah’s knack for making her journey informational yet lighthearted made it that much easier to follow. You could see her face light up when she recounted each story and explained her process of the journey. While her Refinery 29 clip was playing I looked over at Hannah, she had a smile on her face that showed how proud she was of her journey and where she was now.” -Student 2

“On a seemingly ordinary day, I rushed into class and found we were going to meet an extraordinary guest speaker. She was going to be a representative on behalf of the transgender community…Her name is Hannah Simpson. She had straight brown hair, a natural look to her makeup, and a dress that appeared to be made of a moccasin material. I regret not asking where she shopped. She sat down with one leg over the other and began to introduce herself. Not only was she intelligent, but was funny, kindhearted, and had a resilience in her that I very much respect.” -Student 3

“In my opinion, Hannah is a very strong, independent woman. She combines the truth with a bit of sense of humor. Her story is an inspiration for anyone to be true to themselves and live life freely.” -Student 4

“I think Hannah’s ideas were very beautifully put. She explained it in a way for people to really understand where transgender people come from. She made the talk very personal and very simple…The moral of Hannah’s lecture was don’t be afraid to be who you are.” -Student 5

“Hannah is funny, intelligent, pretty, confident and easily approachable. Also, she is a trans-woman. I put that last because I honestly would’ve never known that unless she told me herself…Listening to Hannah’s story and the way she went through her problems, I have nothing but admiration for her and her work.” -Student 6

“I also hope more and more people will be be more supportive and accepting toward everyone that struggles with their identity, as I learned from Hannah there are more issues they go through and the last thing they should be worried about is the judgment coming from others. In the end we are all people and sex changes nothing on how we should be treated. This should be everywhere in the world, not just the US as everyone should be free to be who they wanna be.” -Student 7