Muggles and Trolls at Platform 9 & 3/4

So I may have just been at Platform 9 & 3/4 in London King’s Cross Station earlier tonight at the release party for the #CursedChild and won a gift bag in a costume contest. My costume was some text I quickly drew up on my phone and tucked gently into my collar.

One said: “I left my real costume in the EU”

The other: “Harry Potter Visibility Cloak, Too busy on my Pokéquest to dress up.”

I won a Harry Potter reusable tote bag, Hogwarts school crest pin, bar of chocolate (no frogs sadly), pencil, Hogwarts Express ticket, lanyard, and a plush Hedwig! All because I am a huge troll who got a laugh or two out of the staff.



Quoted in the Observer on a Question to Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton Gets Personal At Downtown LGBT Center

Asked about her experiences learning about LGBT issues at a forum in downtown Manhattan, Chelsea Clinton struck a deeply personal note. “I think the first time I heard the word ‘gay’ was when one of my mom’s law partners killed himself because he couldn’t figure out how to come out to his family,” Ms. Clinton said, adding that she was 7 years old at the time.