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Surgical History/Healing Photos Complete Gallery

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Selected Photos With Explanations

Note: Many of these photos were taken in a mirror, so they are reversed left-to-right, some were taken straight on. I’ll try to note, but if malformations tend to switch left side to right side, that’s why.

Stage 1: Original GRS Surgery by Kathy Rumer, DO 07.30.2014



Stage 2: “Revision” GRS Surgery by Marci Bowers, MD 03.12.2015

Current Problems to be Addressed by Stage 3:
  • Complete lack of clitoris requiring nerve relocation and reconstruction, plus aesthetic reconstruction. Note: Aesthetic reconstruction alone to intentionally create a non-sensate “clitoris-looking” structure is not acceptable.
  • Reconstruction of labia and clitoral hooding on both sides.
  • Removing of tissue “wattle” of excess urethral tissue.
  • Removal of scar tissue inside vagina and entroitus that prevents comfortable intercourse.
  • Removal of excess erectile tissue and bulbous muscle that prevents comfortable intercourse.
  • Increasing vaginal canal depth to make up for lost depth after first revision.
Consult Report From Dr. A. Lee Dellon

Paper on Clitoral Repair Replacement