Abby Stein refused to pay rent.

Over $5000 owed, plus interest and expenses for cleaning. She claimed “Jewish law” gave her an excuse not to pay.

Abby Stein is a Jewish transgender activist. Me too, big whoop. In this rare case I am calling out her fraudulence not on account of being a woman, but on being a deceitful thief who has refused to pay for a 2016 sublet. She proceeded to leave the place trashed, and leave multiple items of property including books, cabinetry, disgusting crock pots, Jewish items, a Tallis, and a kittel (wedding/death shroud).

Take this as a warning. She is a chazer and a schnorrer as her community would say, in Yiddish.

I am happy to keep posting more information if it prevents someone else from getting screwed over by her as I have. Like I said, I too am a Jewish transgender activist with a national name and reputation. I have zero to gain by putting my own good name on the line to slander her, but my duty is to call put threats to our community, both from beyond and from within. If stepping on other trans Jews is how she feels it is acceptable to proceed toward her own fame, please do not endorse that behavior.

This is the toilet she left.

This is the stove.

She admits multiple times that she has no excuse for not paying her rent.

Abby Stein transgender fraud
Abby Stein transgender activist and quite the fraud

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