My NY Times WomenInTheWorld Profile The following is excerpted from the site above. Read three more stories there, this one is mine:   Hannah Simpson, 31: “The only breach in decorum and protocol was that people started applauding.” Hannah Simpson photographed in New York City. (Katie Booth/Women in the World) Hannah Simpson has a winking penchant for wordplay — …

Watch my 2017 Austin Interfaith Pride Sermon!

This video includes the full introduction by Rabbi Rebecca Reice. Thanks so much to the Austin Interfaith Pride Coalition for the invitation and chance to share some torah and some laughs amid challenging times!

I’m Back on Refinery29!

Delighted to share my latest article on Refinery29, on the real-life consequences of being publicly outed, as Survivor contestant Zeke Smith was on national television. It’s fun to have my work back up on Refinery29 after nearly a year. I’m looking forward to lots more edgy queer content coming up on R29.

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